While planning an upcoming trip to Budapest, the names of composers kept coming up. Parks and streets and other things named after musicians. Not so much with Hungarian writers. Certainly, there are Hungarian writers who have made a name for themselves, but not to the point where there are a lot of things bearing their names.

Possibly because of the Hungary’s recent-ish history? The Soviet occupation of Hungary lasted from the 1940s to 1989, and while that kind of repression always sparks artists to voice about their dissension, they have to get creative about it so as not to get murdered. On some level, musicians can get away with things that writers can’t. A piece of music can be in response to, say, an attack against revolutionaries, but if there aren’t any clear words attached to it, who’s to say what it means? Writers can always produce things full of symbolism and hidden meanings, but it’s harder to mask a work’s true intention.

The Ten Best Hungarian Writers.


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