Short Fiction

Short Stories

Them OrangesJersey Devil Press, April 2014, Issue 53
“She would eat. She and the baby, they’d both eat.”

After HoursCitizen Brooklyn, November 2012, Issue 15
Late night in the city.

The Earl of BeaumontFive [Quarterly], October 2012, issue 2
A small town girl looks for a way out.

The Candy ManDark Eclipse, September 2012
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What really caused the Boston Molasses Disaster.

Meemaw’s RevengePenduline, Issue 6, August/September 2012
A little boy suspects his grandmother is up to no good.

DoorwayTrembles Horror Magazine, November/December 2011 double issue
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A horrifying haunting takes a turn for the worst.

An Ocean Below the SurfaceThe Molotov Cocktail, Vol. 2, Issue 3, April 15, 2011
Blue skies and cobalt shins. Mamie wakes up to find an unexpected drama playing out on her skin.

Just Like Egg WhitesBlack Heart Magazine, July 29, 2011
Margie wants more grandchildren; her daughter-in-laws just want her to shut up.