Ghosts. Chupacabras. Random lake monsters and cannibals. Her vote not being counted in elections. These are the things Nicole Wolverton fears and writes about.


“The Trajectory of Dreams is unsettling, beautifully written, and truly original. In Lela White, Nicole Wolverton has created one of the most haunting characters in contemporary fiction. This is a remarkable debut.”

–Emily St. John Mandel, author of  STATION ELEVEN

Short Fiction

An Older Lady
“I didn’t mean to start an uproar, Sheriff. Honestly, I didn’t. An older lady can only take so much.”

Coffin Blossoms anthology, October 2020


Evil Returns as Evil
Reimagining Fox Mulder’s soul group in “The Field Where I Died,” episode 5, season 4 of the television show The X-Files.

Outside In Trusts No One, 2020