Bodies Full of Burning

Edited by Nicole M. Wolverton

Menopause can be hell.

With Bodies Full of Burning, Nicole M. Wolverton has selected 16 stories which show how deadly the change of life can be. From state-sanctioned surgeries to transformative encounters with mythical creatures; strained relationships to fiery vengeance, these tales offer thoughtful insights into a topic rarely viewed through the lens of horror.

Featuring all-new fiction fromJoanna Koch, Marsheila Rockwell, Monique Quintana, Megan M. Davies-Ostrom, Carman Webb, D.A. Jobe, Dr Bunny McFadden, Julie Ann Rees, Victory Witherkeigh, B.J. Thrower and Karen Thrower, E.F. Schraeder, Jennifer D. Adams, Ali Seay, Jude Reid, Shelby Dollar and Max Turner.

Sliced Up Press, September 2021

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Praise for Bodies Full of Burning

“If “women’s magic is in our blood,” Bodies Full of Burning encapsulates that power and puts it on display, in all of its many forms, for the world to see”


— Rebecca Rowland, best-selling editor of six horror anthologies and the author of The Horrors Hiding in Plain SightPieces, and The View Master.

There is something in this book for everyone who enjoys a little bit of the macabre—it’s an outright smasher, but equally importantly (even horror fans have morals, right?), it’s brilliant to see women’s health being discussed (albeit fictionally-I hope!) and celebrated artistically like this.”
— S.J. Townend, award winning short story writer and author of the collection Sick Girl Screams.