Congratulations, Madame: You’ve Given Birth to a Book

I’m not gonna lie: for the last year I’ve been a seething ball of excited anxiety. For lots of different reasons, really, but the release of THE TRAJECTORY OF DREAMS is right up there at the top. I’m a worrier by nature because I want everything to go right. Setting loose my novel on the world is something over which I have no real control, so that’s pretty terrifying. And also thrilling.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure my husband is about to have me committed.

But today’s the day, and already this morning BLOOM has helped me celebrate with a mention in their Bloomers At-Large column, and Booklover Book Reviews featured the novel for today’s Book Beginning. There are a few other things coming up today that I can’t wait to see, too.

See, already the anxiety is dying down a bit.

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