Doing my thing in #Doylestown tomorrow!

The end of my busy book event period is ending tomorrow. Want to be part of the last signing? Swing by The Doylestown Bookshop in Doylestown, PA on Saturday, June 8 at 2pm. I’ll be doing a reading from The Trajectory of Dreams, using something writer Beth Hull suggested to me–reading roulette. You pick a page number at random, and I read it. I always obsess about what excerpt to read, so this puts you in charge!

Following the reading, I’ll lead a discussion about the novel. As usually happens, I get yakking about research and publishing and all sorts of other things. The event will end with a book signing. Bring your own copy of Trajectory, or pick one up at the bookshop!

I keep glancing out the window today–here in Philly we’re getting smacked with rain from Tropical Storm Andrea. I hear it’ll clear up a bit tomorrow, but there’s so much rain out there I’m worried I’ll have to kayak to Doylestown! But hey, I’ll have rubber duckies. They’re buoyant, right?


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