Hundreds (thousands?) will enter, only five will win.

Books! I’m talking about books! To celebrate the one-year bookiversary of THE TRAJECTORY OF DREAMS, there are five autographed copies of the novel up for grabs at Free Book Friday. If you haven’t had a chance to get a copy of TRAJECTORY yet, do head over and enter to win. There’s also a short interview with me along with the giveaway that was fun to do.

Speaking of fun interviews, there are also a few other things I’ve done recently I want to share. In my last post I talked about DiversifYA, the effort they make to condone diverse casts in YA novels, and the interview I gave on being atheist. They also recently published my guest post about being a nonprofit fundraiser and its affect on my writing. An excerpt:

No one dreams of being a fundraiser as a child. I dreamt of growing up to be a teacher, a ballerina, Dr. Ruth, a journalist . . . but never once did I think working for a non-profit organization would be the coolest thing ever. Now, having been a non-profit fundraising professional for almost fifteen years, well, it’s the best thing I could have done for myself as a writer.

Last but definitely not least, my latest column at BLOOM Magazine went live yesterday! I write a monthly column called Other Bloomer & Shakers that’s all about creative types who got started after the age of forty. Not writers, of course, since that’s what BLOOM is all about. March is T-Model Ford month for the OB&S column. You might know him if you’re a big fan of the low down, dirty blues, but he’s a bit on the obscure side otherwise. Here’s a guy who didn’t pick up a guitar until he was in his fifties, and his first album wasn’t released until he was in his seventies. That’s amazing!

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Of Book Giveaways and Low Down, Dirty Blues

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