New Digs! New Work!

You might have noticed there’s been a change ’round these parts–with A MISFORTUNE OF LAKE MONSTERS (AMoLM) coming out in a little over a year, it seemed like a good time for a website redesign. One less thing to worry about it amid the flurry of activity around release day, eh?

I’ve always been fortunate to know the right people. Not always, of course–for instance, I don’t know any publishing kingpins who are slavishly devoted to me. In this case, my design was done by Speaking in Vector, a company run by Amber Hansford (who is also a writer, by the way). Amber and I go way back, and I’m also lucky enough to have her as my site host. I had some ideas in my head about how I wanted the new site to be different and what I wanted it to include, but Amber seems to be a mind-reader–she really tapped into the aesthetic of what I wanted with me even having to tell her much. Needless to say, I’m so delighted with how the whole project turned out. I think my favorite part might be the short works and anthologies pages, where the book covers/magazine covers are displayed so prettily.

Of course, I’m also just jonesing to get the page for AMoLM all prettied up, just like the page for THE TRAJECTORY OF DREAMS has been. Word has it that I’ll be starting the editorial process soon for AMoLM, and that’s usually about the time a book cover is developed as well. Am I dreaming about the blurbing process, and figuring out what events I want to book for the second half of next year, what I can do to help raise the profile of my beloved book? Oh, yeah. To know me is to know my love of being aggressively organized and scheduled, right? That’s probably why the overhaul of the website appeals to me so much as well–finding a place for every little thing and making it just so.

I often refer to myself as anal compulsive, which isn’t really a thing–it’s sort of like anal retentiveness turned up a few notches, I think. But aggressively organized sounds so much less…negative.

Speaking of being aggressively organized, it’s my writerly duty to inform you that this month should see three new publications–two creative nonfiction and one fiction:

  1. Last Girls Club acquired my short story “Organic Products.” I have a story to share about this particular story (I know, shocking!), which I’ll do after publication, but the main thing to know is that the story is available to subscribers of LGC’s Patreon-only newsletter. If you have any interest in cooking and good old-fashioned revenge–through a decidedly “I’m sick of men’s shit” lens–well, maybe consider subscribing.
  2. ellipsis… will be releasing “Fa La La La La and the Sleigh-Shaped Coffin” in their latest issue. Think of it as a love story crossed with a near-death experience.
  3. Vincent Brothers Review plans to publish “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” in issue 25. If you’ve ever wondered if the house you bought or was about to buy had anything…horrifying…happen in it, you won’t want to miss it.

I’ll leave it to you to decide which of those is fiction and which is the creative nonfiction. Mwahaha!

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