2023 Eligibility Post

This year began with a secret: I had just been offered a publishing contract for my first young adult horror/speculative novel, A Misfortune of Lake Monsters. That was on my mind a lot, but I’m very grateful to have had several other publications this year–Lake Monsters won’t come out until July 2024, and a girl needs to think about other things! So here’s the SFFH work published in 2023 that’s eligible for award nominations (NOTE: for a full list of awards accepting nominations, check here):

“Organic Products” | April 2023 | Last Girls Club Wicked Letters
Nova only wants to publish a cookbook about blood and avoid engaging in the transactional nature of womanhood; her male editor has other, more sexist ideas–and Nova intends to put an end to the cycle for good.

“All This Water” | September 2023 | Not One of Us, issue 76
A woman’s fear of drowning is heightened during a vacation to Venice, Italy–a trip that her husband insisted on. A night time ghost tour of the city and it’s hundreds of canals only makes things worse . . . possibly with good reason.

“From Shore to Sea” | October 2023 | The Colored Lens, Autumn Issue
Summer girl Jeannie spends her last night with local Emma, trying to find a way to force the universe to keep them together in Homer, Alaska—but the universe has other plans.

“Harvest” | October 2023 | The Wordsmiths (anthology), Hollow Oak Press
Jenny’s mama gets hurt on the combine at their farm–and a family legend about the blood-hungry fields and the combine only too willing to help feed them keeps Jenny up all night to see if the legend is true.

“The Sum of Our Parts” | October 2023 | Greater Than His Nature (anthology), Atomic Carnival Books
A murdered woman uses the strength and skills of her sisters to exact revenge.

Absolutely none of these is online/available to read, of course, so if something looks like it might be of interest to you, please let me know at me@nicolewolverton.com–copies are available by request for review. Believe me–I’m positively honored that anyone reads my work, and even more humbled and grateful that someone might consider it for award nominations.

As an aside, most of these stories were part of the short horror story collection I submitted with masters thesis, so it’s nice to see them find homes–especially since I completed my Masters of Liberal Arts (in Horror and Storytelling) in May this year.

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