Sale Time for CamCat

All of CamCat Books publications can be had for 25 percent off at the publisher’s website, now until November 27. All of Morgan Shamy’s great books with CamCat, as well as Helen Power’s books–and all the rest of CamCat’s horror novels. That sale includes pre-orders, coincidentally. Like Kill Call by Jeff Wooten, which contains a sneak peek of A Misfortune of Lake Monsters after Jeff’s excellent story, for instance. Jeff’s book comes out in February, so not a long wait for delivery at this point. If you’re a long-range strategizer, you can also pre-order A Misfortune of Lake Monsters right now in hardcover or softcover large-print for a little bit less. Go forth! Save that money!

Look at me, being financially responsible.

It maybe could go without saying that my concentrated pre-order campaign hasn’t quite begun yet–the cover reveal for A Misfortune of Lake Monsters isn’t until December 1, 2023. Coincidentally, if you’re seriously thinking about pre-ordering AMoLM right now, I’d recommend the hardcover version. Why? There’s a fun visual thing that couldn’t be included in the softcover large-print version.

Closer to my publication date (July 2, 2024) the audiobook version will be orderable as well, if audiobooks are your thing… a regular trade paperback some time after that.

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