Tomorrow is the day!

At the stroke of midnight tonight, the cover for A Misfortune of Lake Monsters is officially cleared for reveal! I mean, I’m not getting up at midnight… but someone might (she says mysteriously). Look, I’m trying to dampen my own enthusiasm here so as not to scare the neighbors, but the reveal involves about five dozen book bloggers–and I’m hoping YOU! Look for more information tomorrow on my Insta, Bluesky, Threads, and Mastodon accounts about how to be part of the grand unleashing of Old Lucy on the world. EXCIIIIIITING!

Admit it: you’re getting a We Are the World vibe, but horror-y, right?

Oh, and look at that! Lake Monsters has its very first blurb–from the very wonderful Amelinda Bérubé (whose book Here There Are Monsters spooked me right the hell out). Did you know that Amelinda also has a book coming out in July 2024? Go check out the trailer and marvel at what’s coming!

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