I Am Guilty: Traveling Alone While Female

Traveling while female scares people. Particularly the idea of traveling alone while female. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. In another couple of weeks I’m going to have access to quite a bit of free and/or dirt cheap travel due to a family member scoring a gig that allows for unlimited stand-by (you […]

Snow Day Books

Growing up in the Pocono area of Pennsylvania meant that we always had a lot of snow. Winter meant bundling up like the Michelin man and shivering at the bus stop in front of my house. My mom still lives in my childhood home, a little one-story house on top of a very big hill […]

Magic Gardens

See that girl with the notebook in one hand and her phone in the other? Yeah, that might be me. It’s not that I’m trying to be annoying–it’s that I’m researching settings for my new book. A few weeks ago I did a monster round of research, running around Chinatown in Philadelphia. Part of that […]