All About the Scary

One of the very awesome things about going to BEA is the advanced copies of books. I picked up Alan Weisman’s newest, Countdown, there. Countdown won’t be out until next month, so I scrambled to finish it this month. Let me just say: wow. I have all sorts of feelings about this book, some of which I already voiced on Goodreads. Forthcoming here, though, will be a long post about population control, family planning, and environmentalism. Yeah, stop jumping up and down with excitement.

On a completely unrelated note, I recently did two interviews! Many thanks to author C.K. Webb and screenwriter Danek Kaus for having me on their respective podcasts. C.K. and I talked about The Trajectory of Dreams on WEBBWEAVER Books Radio (you can catch the re-broadcast here). Danek and I also talked books, but we mostly discussed horror–you can get the podcast on his website.

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