Cake and Horror for Everyone!

I’m super excited that my short story, “The North American Guide to Animal Slaughter,” has found a home in a horror anthology devoted to CAKE! I swear it’s true–some wonderful person at Sliced Up Press decided that cake and horror needed to be together forever and ever in an anthology called Slashertorte, and I quite agree: it’s a great combination. As my husband said when I told him about the anthology, it’s as though I’ve been training for this one my whole life. And I’m delighted to say that the digital version is currently available for preorder, with a release date of December 1–with the print version coming in another month-ish.

What made this a particular fun anthology is that I was able to use my submission to work out some ideas I’ve been having for a larger manuscript!

While 2020 isn’t quite over yet, in this particular year–when the pandemic has been such a big and terrible presence–I like to celebrate all the wins…and it’s been a great publishing year for me so far. I found a new literary agent for my young adult work, and six short stories sold (four published this year) and one essay acquired, with another published this year. For a long time I mostly concentrated on manuscript-length work, but I’m finding a great sense of satisfaction with seeing my short work published again after so many years.

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