Winding Down the Year

Where did this year go? Here we are, almost Thanksgiving–the pandemic has very much impacted the way I experience the passage of time. And the holidays, I might add. After skipping the socializing last year to ensure that everyone stay safe (which clearly was a good idea since both my husband and I came down with COVID not more than a week or two later), we’re back to hosting for T’giving dinner. It’s not a huge affair–just my mom and stepfather and my husband’s mother. Where last year no one was vaccinated (so close to the approval of vaccines!), now we’re all vaccinated and even freshly boostered. It’s nice to be able to resume some normal activities. Hey, thanks, scientists!

The year may be winding down, but this last quarter of 2021 has been busy for publishing. I have two pieces of creative nonfiction and one short story to be published yet, but the following works are now loose upon the world:

Next year will be far less productive in terms of short story and creative nonfiction publishing: I’m head-first in novel-writing. There’s something very difficult about giving up the more immediate gratification of short story publications in favor or novel writing. And calling short story publishing “immediate gratification” isn’t remotely accurate since it can take forever to find a good home for your writing, but I can write dozens of short stories in a year–but novel-writing takes a whole lot longer and more often doesn’t result in a win. Of course, if you do get a win, that’s the dream.

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