An Early Christmas Gift

I am always full-on shocked when editor Ellen Datlow takes notice of something I’ve written–so when I say that I very literally clutched my chest today when I discovered that two of my short stories were chosen for the Best of Horror #14 long list that she puts together each year, well, believe it. I […]

Change Is the Only Constant

The other day I was talking with someone about being GenX. We have converted from vinyl to cassettes to CDs to mp3s to streaming services for music. For film, we gone from only in the theater to betamax to VHS to DVDs to mp4s to digital streaming libraries. For books and for phones, it’s a […]

The Trouble With …

I’m terrible at keeping secrets. They sit in my stomach and churn. So you can imagine how difficult it was to keep it under wraps for EIGHT LONG MONTHS that I have a story in an upcoming anthology that centers, well, power and self-determination–but in a way that brings attention to the loss of bodily […]


Huge congratulations to Black Shuck Books and editor of Dreamland: Other Stories Sophie Essex–the anthology has been shortlisted for a British Fantasy Society Award! My short story “Footnotes to the Travel Guide” appears in the book, and I’m so unbelievably excited to see the anthology get the recognition it deserves. I’m not just saying that […]

The Bones of a Story

Happy holidays! It’s not quite the holiday we all envisioned, for sure. The COVID-19 Omicron variant has timed itself in such a way that I’ll be a hermit over my two-week holiday break instead of visiting my family, having a dinner out with my husband, etc. We’re all double-vaxxed and boostered, but my mom is […]

A Very Good Week

Every once in a while I have a week where everything seems to come together. This past week is that week for me. It started with a short trip to Amsterdam, then the Saturday Evening Post published my short story “No One Dies in Rochester,” and it ended with Bodies Full of Burning, the anthology […]

July is For Readers

Summer is heating up—in more ways than one! To start with, the Bodies Full of Burning anthology (with me as EDITOR!) from Sliced Up Press and the Blood & Bone anthology from Ghost Orchid Press (one of my short stories is contained therein) are both open for ARC requests at the moment. Spread the word […]

The Sinister Side of Knitting

I’m generally not one to mind waking up and going to work (especially when that consists of getting showered and walking downstairs), but today I woke up to a new short story acceptance—and this Monday morning was much improved! I’m delighted to announce that “Knit, Purl” will appear in the Blood & Bone anthology from […]

Listen Up!

Every morning is the same: my alarm goes off, and I check my phone for new alerts. This morning the first alert I saw was a reminder that The Half That You See anthology had dropped. Under normal circumstances, I’d be excited that a new piece of mine–in this case, “Imaginary Friends”– has hit the […]

Birthday Updates

It’s my birthday week, which is always an exciting time for me. I almost always take a few days off from my day gig, and this year is no different. Well, it’s sort of different–normally my husband and I leave the country for the duration. This year the pandemic is keeping me fully sequestered in […]