Tattoo Distractions

A few Saturdays ago, I spent two or three hours in a chair while a very nice woman scratched a tattoo into my back. Lots of people just hang out while getting new ink. I like to read. It’s a distraction from the needles, plus that’s a long time to just sit there, you know? Might as well be productive.

The problem: I didn’t love the book I’d brought along. It’s entirely possible that the book wasn’t terrible, but because I was in a bit of pain, it made me dislike the book even more. Tattoo-related book dismissal . . . how’s that for a weird theory?

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be back in the tattoo chair for another two hours or so. So of course, I’m thinking about what to take for reading material. I’ve been on a bit of a seasonal kick lately, having finished seven books this month so far, five of which have been supernatural-y in one way or another. My favorite so far is the one I finished today, Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore. I like it well enough to pick up the second book in the series, Spirit and Dust. Now, for tomorrow, I can either run to the Barnes & Noble down the street and hope they have Spirit and Dust, or I can grab one of the books at my local library awaiting me: The Poisoned House/Michael Ford, Paper Valentine/Brenna Yovanoff, and Touched/Cyn Balog.

I’m hoping to discover that I’m capable of loving a book while getting tattooed. Fingers crossed! I’m in the mood for something great and spooky . . . it’s hard to go wrong!

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  1. At least you were able to find some small respite of distraction 🙂 I’d take all the books, the indecision as you sit in the chair is bound to kill some time.

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