Your Heart, As It Was Then, Will Be On Fire

It seems like ages ago now that The Trajectory of Dreams was published, but this morning that’s all I can think of. An article on NPR talked about the “unexpected revival” of Russian poet Anna Akhmatova, a poet whose work I used in my novel (along with Ilya Kutik). I think of Akhmatova, and I think of Zory Korchagin leaving Lela, the main character, a note at the tea shop she frequents.


That “bit of poem” is from Akhmatova’s poem, “You Will Hear Thunder.”

I was thrilled to see the unexpected revival is the result of a new album by Iris Dement, an American country and folk singer, who has set some of Akhmatova’s work to music. The new album is The Trackless Woods. Do check out the article for some information about Akhmatova’s life, and here’s a sample of the album–

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