Seal of Approval

blurbnmwIt’s not often that I’m in the position to help out a fellow writer. However, today is one of those days–I was able to offer a blurb for a really great book of short stories that’s coming out in October 2016. Kait Heacock’s short story collection, Siblings and Other Disappointments, is fairly dark, really good, and being published by Ooligan Press. And did I mention that it’s available for pre-order? Yep, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, etc. Go to it.

Being able to do it reminds me so much of the days before my novel came out, when I was stressing out about who would agree to blurb it. I am still so incredibly grateful to Emily St. John Mandel, Jenny Wingfield, and Mike Mullin for taking the time to read Trajectory and offering blurbs. Seriously, if there are author sainthood medals, those three should get one.

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