Day 36 (?) of lockdown, and my hair is approaching true unruliness–even before lockdown started I was overdue for a hair cut by a week or two. Now, well, I’m at risk of kick-starting a mullet. But, you know, it’s for a good cause: if staying home helps possibly prevent a death or someone getting sick or having to be hospitalized, I’m fine with that. I’ll take a mullet for the team.

It’s particularly important for me to self-isolate because my husband is an essential airport employee–since he’s at greater risk of exposure, so am I . . . and so is everyone else I might come in contact with. I’m happy to stay home, practice physical distancing when I have to head out, and wear a mask.

But to deal with the horror that is my hair, I’ve ordered in a new wardrobe of hair accessories–including this fantastic hair band with antlers and faun ears. Hey, I have to make my own fun, right? Speaking of making my own fun, I have some fantastic news to share:

I am now represented by Anne Tibbets at D4EO Literary Agency!

There’s a lot to the story of how this came to be, and one day I’ll share it–but for now it’s enough to say that Anne is a fantastic agent, and I’m super thrilled to be #TeamAnneRules! To celebrate, I baked up a tray of cranberry brownies and cooked a vat of ham and bean soup. No, on with the writing!

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Of Antlers and New Representation

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