April Showers Bring May Flowers–and new short stories

Get it while it’s hot: my short story Pilgrimage was just published in Aji magazine! You can find out a bit of background about the story and what inspired it here. Let is suffice to say that I’m so pleased that Pilgrimage has been loose on the world. It’s been a minute since I’ve had a short story published.

As the ninth week of pandemic lockdown starts, there are a lot of things to be grateful for:

  • my husband–despite being an essential worker–has so far not gotten sick.
  • most of the people in my family are taking the pandemic seriously and hunkering down like virus-avoiding champs.
  • I can work from home for my day gig, and it’s meaningful work.
  • After about a month of not being able to write a thing, I’ve managed to reach a point where I’m being creatively productive.

And, of course, I’ve had a run of good publishing luck during the last two months, too–selling short stories, acquiring a new agent. Today I’m excited to announce a few new stories sold! An Older Lady will appear in the  Coffin Blossoms anthology from Jolly Horror Press in October 2020, and Imaginary Friends will be published in The Half That You See: Nightmares, Deliriums, and Illusions anthology from Dark Ink Books in March 2021. Both these stories are horror, although An Older Lady is comedic as well.

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