New Short Story Alert!

My short story “Inside Horace House” was just published in the 101 Proof Horror anthology from Haunted MTL. Woohoo!

With the pandemic raging and keeping us all socially distanced, these victories–a short story sale and publication–are all the sweeter. I’ve been writing a lot since March, when COVID-19 really started kicking up in the States. That’s been sort of shocking to me, especially since the stress of the pandemic has made it almost impossible for me to read, and all I want to do is binge-watch things I’ve seen a million times. I wrote the first draft of a novel, and in the weeks since finishing (normally the time I refer to as a palate cleanser, before I start revisions on the draft) I outlined and am five chapters into an additional manuscript. I never write quite this fast. At least the pandemic has been good for something.


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