“An Older Lady” Rides!

There are some things you write that just end up being your favorites. “An Older Lady” is one of those stories for me. It’s something that I’ve been playing around with for seven or eight years now. It’s existed in

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New Short Story Alert!

My short story “Inside Horace House” was just published in the 101 Proof Horror anthology from Haunted MTL. Woohoo! With the pandemic raging and keeping us all socially distanced, these victories–a short story sale and publication–are all the sweeter. I’ve

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Of Antlers and New Representation

Day 36 (?) of lockdown, and my hair is approaching true unruliness–even before lockdown started I was overdue for a hair cut by a week or two. Now, well, I’m at risk of kick-starting a mullet. But, you know, it’s

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New work for spring 2020!

I’m really excited to announce that I’ve got some short fiction due to be published shortly, both stories that I wrote in a fall 2020 writing workshop. There’s nothing quite like being in a class full of talented people, reading

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