WriteMentor? Yep.

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]So . . . I’m serving as a mentor this year for #WriteMentor. Woohoo! So, first things first: welcome, potential mentorees! This is going to be a fun process, and I’m excited to find a great story and a great writer through this initiative. You might want me for […]

That white male writers are most often reviewed and wind up winning awards and find themselves on “best of” and “summer reading” lists at places like the New York Times (NYT) is no surprise. It is and has been a white man’s world in many respects for a very long time, primarily because white guys […]

The #BookCon2014 Wrap-Up

So . . . BookCon. What can I say about my experience at BookCon today? I’ll start with the positive: the We Need Diverse Books panel was really excellent. A few of the organizers talked a bit about how WNDB came to be and why we need diverse books, and writer Ellen Oh made the […]

Merry Holidays to You!

The story of the Krampus has always tickled me. Krampusnacht has already passed–way back on December 6–but think of the Krampus as Santa’s evil counterpart. You’ve got Santa giving out gifts to the good boys and girls, and then you’ve got Krampus punishing the bad ones. No doubt, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly would proclaim the […]

Alternative Medicine in Fiction

Behold, I am your human pincushion! No, I haven’t joined the freak show at the circus . . . tempting as that may be sometimes. I embarked on a course of acupuncture the other day to treat my hip bursitis. No one enjoys hobbling around, least of all me. My general practitioner gave me cortisone-esque […]

Flop Sweat: The Perfume of Writers Everywhere

On the eve of my trip to NY to attend my very first BEA, there’s a whole lot going on…including what I suspect is a raging case of hip bursitis. I suspect it’s my new running habit that did it–this morning during my run, my hip abruptly caught on fire (not in the literal sense, […]

The Cooties of Girly Books

Yesterday on Huffington Post, there was a feature article about author Maureen Johnson calling for an end to gendered book covers, along with several examples of woman-ified book covers and, I guess, their gender neutral counterparts. From what I understand, some guy friend of hers complained about the girly covers of her books, so there […]