July is For Readers

Summer is heating up—in more ways than one! To start with, the Bodies Full of Burning anthology (with me as EDITOR!) from Sliced Up Press and the Blood & Bone anthology from Ghost Orchid Press (one of my short stories is contained therein) are both open for ARC requests at the moment. Spread the word […]

Birthday Updates

It’s my birthday week, which is always an exciting time for me. I almost always take a few days off from my day gig, and this year is no different. Well, it’s sort of different–normally my husband and I leave the country for the duration. This year the pandemic is keeping me fully sequestered in […]

Home is Where the Heart Is

Like many owners of a home with more bedrooms than we really need, my husband and I decided to use one of the bedrooms in our house as a guest room. I can count on one hand how many overnight guests we’ve actually had in the eighteen years that we’ve lived here. So when the […]

Of December and COVID-19

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a dumpster fire in general for most people–and that’s being nice. This year I’ve had some good publishing luck (at least as it relates to my short stories), and I’ve been happy and healthy. That is, until December, when my husband and I got to have a very exciting […]

New Short Story Alert!

My short story “Inside Horace House” was just published in the 101 Proof Horror anthology from Haunted MTL. Woohoo! With the pandemic raging and keeping us all socially distanced, these victories–a short story sale and publication–are all the sweeter. I’ve been writing a lot since March, when COVID-19 really started kicking up in the States. […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers–and new short stories

Get it while it’s hot: my short story Pilgrimage was just published in Aji magazine! You can find out a bit of background about the story and what inspired it here. Let is suffice to say that I’m so pleased that Pilgrimage has been loose on the world. It’s been a minute since I’ve had […]

In My Ample Free Time

I never really thought of myself as an academic. I mean, I was on the 20-year plan for my Bachelors degree. As much as I love learning and studying and researching, it never occurred to me that more school might be in my future. But on my birthday this year I learned I’d been accepted […]

DiversifYA and Universal Ethics

Diversity in young adult lit is getting a lot of attention lately, and I’m happy to see it. The typical English literature canon author is an old, white guy, and things haven’t changed that much. Yeah, you might see a white woman or a black guy taught in a literature class here and there, but […]

Laurel Hill Cemetery: Run for the Hills

You can’t be a horror writer or writer of supernatural things without digging graveyards. We write about dead people or dead things, so the places where those people and things are buried have an attraction in one way or another. I like them for a lot of different reasons, but until yesterday I’d never run […]