Myrtle, My Familiar

Every now and then I do something that is both smart and stupid. In late July, I did one of those things: I decided I was finally (three years after our beloved dog Murphy passed away) ready for another dog. My husband was less sure, but when I said, “Hey, there’s a puppy I want […]

Cake and Horror for Everyone!

I’m super excited that my short story, “The North American Guide to Animal Slaughter,” has found a home in a horror anthology devoted to CAKE! I swear it’s true–some wonderful person at Sliced Up Press decided that cake and horror needed to be together forever and ever in an anthology called Slashertorte, and I quite […]

The Mulder-Scully Soul Group Reimagined and Other Good News

It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of The X-Files. When the show got an additional two seasons a few years ago I was beside myself with joy. I maintain that “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster” is the best episode ever, bar none. That said, when I was invited to contribute to a […]

Alternative Medicine in Fiction

Behold, I am your human pincushion! No, I haven’t joined the freak show at the circus . . . tempting as that may be sometimes. I embarked on a course of acupuncture the other day to treat my hip bursitis. No one enjoys hobbling around, least of all me. My general practitioner gave me cortisone-esque […]

Another day, another winner! Wee!

Today’s stop on THE TRAJECTORY OF DREAMS book tour is AmyBeth Inverness’ site–she’s hosting a guest post wherein I talk about where you can find me in the novel, which is probably a scary thing to admit to in a book about a mentally ill woman! You can also win a two-chapter manuscript critique over […]

Day 3 of the Book Tour!

Today’s stop on the virtual book tour for THE TRAJECTORY OF DREAMS is Literary Treats. On this stop, I talk about Houston as the setting for the novel. Oh, and you have the opportunity to win a signed copy of TRAJECTORY and two cookie cutters! For more opportunities to win, see the full list of […]

#5MinuteFiction: Week 138 Winner!

I have to admit, I got a little misty typing the title for tonight’s post. My very last 5 Minute Fiction. Huge thanks to everyone who has played over the last year–whether just once or every week. It’s fun to run a challenge like this, but it wouldn’t be fun without you. I’m excited to […]

#5MinuteFiction: Week 138 Finalists

Happy Tuesday! This is a sad day for me because it’s the last 5 Minute Fiction at my website, but I’m excited to pass it along to Wendy Strain (note that if her website is still on the fritz, you can access it here). To celebrate the end of my tenure with the challenge, I’m […]

#5MinuteFiction: Week 138

It’s 5 Minute Fiction time! You know the rules (and if you don’t, check here — and make it quick because you’ve only got a few minutes!). A reminder–don’t forget your Twitter address if you’ve got one! Here is your prompt: Your entry must include the phrase “Only death was inevitable.” NOTE: the photo is […]