Your Heart, As It Was Then, Will Be On Fire

It seems like ages ago now that The Trajectory of Dreams was published, but this morning that’s all I can think of. An article on NPR talked about the “unexpected revival” of Russian poet Anna Akhmatova, a poet whose work I used in my novel (along with Ilya Kutik). I think of Akhmatova, and I […]


Sleep and I have a funny relationship. Like everyone else, I love to sleep, but it also makes me a little nervous. Part of it is the concept of dreaming (don’t tell me Freddy Kreuger doesn’t pop into your head sometimes), part of it is the idea of being unconscious for eight hours without being […]

The Art of Book Signing

Books signings are always the most fascinating couple of hours of my life. So last night I was in Bethany Beach, Delaware for an author event at Bethany Beach Books, a great independent book shop just off the beach. It was a Friday night in August with damn near perfect weather–not cold, by any stretch […]

Spring Has Sprung (and So Has a Sale)

Yesterday was an exciting day! The Rosemont College Book Festival kicked off in the morning, and I was there to sign copies of THE TRAJECTORY OF DREAMS. We’ve had such a brutal winter in Philadelphia, but yesterday was gorgeous–warm and sunny (until about half an hour before the end of the festival, but that barely […]

Of Book Giveaways and Low Down, Dirty Blues

Hundreds (thousands?) will enter, only five will win. Books! I’m talking about books! To celebrate the one-year bookiversary of THE TRAJECTORY OF DREAMS, there are five autographed copies of the novel up for grabs at Free Book Friday. If you haven’t had a chance to get a copy of TRAJECTORY yet, do head over and […]

Doing my thing in #Doylestown tomorrow!

The end of my busy book event period is ending tomorrow. Want to be part of the last signing? Swing by The Doylestown Bookshop in Doylestown, PA on Saturday, June 8 at 2pm. I’ll be doing a reading from The Trajectory of Dreams, using something writer Beth Hull suggested to me–reading roulette. You pick a […]

#BEA13: The Aftermath

BookExpo America was not what I expected. From years of reading tweets and blog posts about the event, I expected to see book bloggers fighting to the death over ARCs. I anticipated roving gangs of stalker-fans, ready to riot if a book signing ended too early for their liking. I just knew I’d see librarians […]

Upcoming! Now With More Ducks!

Going to BookExpo America, or live in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area? There are a few author events coming up, so I hope you’ll stop by to say hello, pick up a copy of THE TRAJECTORY OF DREAMS, and let me throw a rubber duck at you! Yes, it’s true: I added a yellow cat rubber […]

Duck Toss in New Hope!

It was hard to sit outside Farley’s Bookshop in New Hope yesterday. Don’t get me wrong: I loved hanging out to sign copies of The Trajectory of Dreams for a few hours, but I really wanted to go rooting around inside the store. I did end up buying a bunch of books after my signing […]

Author Event: Book Signing at Farley’s Bookshop

What’s this? More ducks? That’s right: it’s time for another author event! On April 20, from 1-4pm, I’ll be at Farley’s Bookshop in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Farley’s will have lots of copies of THE TRAJECTORY OF DREAMS for sale, and I’ll be perched right at their door to sign them. Oh, and of course, you’ll […]